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Earth Day 2023- Black

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Earth Day 2023- Black
Earth Day 2023- Black

This Earth Day we are showing love to Gaia, aka Mother Earth. We bring you our “Take Care of Your Mama” shirt. It’s a reminder to take care of the Earth the same way you should take of your Mama- This is the only one we have.

225 gsm preshrunk cotton on a boxy fit. Sizing from Adult XS-4X Preorders are open until 6pm 4/2/2023! We want to have these ready to rock for Earth Day!

Let this shirt be a message for you and the people around you. ❤️🌍

If you don’t cop one, we’re going to call Kwame, Wheeler, Linka, Gi, and Ma-Ti to get Captain Planet on you.

Oh a portion of the profits are going to Ivy Leaf Farms, Black United Fund if Texas, and Trees for Houston! We’re giving back to the local organization that are promoting the proper use of Mother Earth. 🌳🥬🌍

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