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Earth Day 2024- Water

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Earth Day 2024- Water
Earth Day 2024- Water

It’s back yall! This Earth Day we are showing love to Gaia, aka Mother Earth. We bring you our “Take Care of Your Mama” shirt. It’s a reminder to take care of the Earth the same way you should take of your Mama- This is the only one we have.

Heavy weight, Preshrunk cotton with a slight boxy fit. Sizing from Adult XS-4X Preorders are open until 6pm 4/27/24 ! We want to have these ready to rock for Earth Day!

Let this shirt be a message for you and the people around you. ❤️🌍

If you don’t cop one, we’re going to call Kwame, Wheeler, Linka, Gi, and Ma-Ti to get Captain Planet on you.

 We’re giving back to the local organizations that are promoting the proper use of Mother Earth. 🌳🥬🌍

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